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Erica taub

mind*Body*soul coaching
Yoga Instructor/Guide

My Journey

when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change -dr wayne dyer


Hello and Welcome! My name is Erica Taub, I am a Mind, Body & Soul Coach and Yoga Instructor. The journey of self-development, growth and love is my passion. Over the past four years I completely immersed myself into learning, growing, and becoming my most authentic self. Prior to my career change I was a school teacher. I struggled with an eating disorder, feeling lost, unfulfilled, self-consumed, disconnected and lonely. I wanted more and found a life coach who had shared similar struggles and overcame them. Finding a connection to something greater (the universe, G-d, inner guidance, nature ect.), practicing spiritual principles daily, and using all the tools from my toolbox consistently transformed my life. I also dove deep into my yoga practice becoming certified through the Yoga Alliance.  As a result from being on this constant journey of transformation I felt called to help others. My greatest joy is to connect with people and show them the light that I have been grateful to discover. I whole heartedly believe and trust in this process and can’t wait to partner with you on your journey!​